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Maximize Your Sells With African Branded Biggest Marketplace

We make it possible for million  of people all over the world to see what you’re selling.
You’re are the right place for your business.

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Boost your sales

Our built in  tools and resources help you reach more people and optimize sales.

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Build on our brand

UGABS is number one in African branded goods and services.
Sell with Confidence

Sell with confidence

We carefully select only the best from hundreds of vendors for our marketplace.


Get paid quickly & safely

When your item sells, we make the payment process easy for you and the buyer.

How it Works

What you can do once approved as a UGABS Marketplace Seller:


Add your items or service

Start building your catalog, controlling your inventory and set prices using one of our integration methods.

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Orders fulfillment

Manage orders and shipping methods, ship items directly to the customer and handle customer care.

get paid

Watch payments come in

No monthly or setup fees! We simply take a reasonable referral fee and you receive prompt payment for the items you sell on

Extremely Transparent, Cost Effective & Secure

Giving you the awesome power to list up to 100 items a month for little or nothing.
A small percent of the money you earn.

Listings are active for six months or until they sell.
Once purchased, there is a small commission fee and a standard payment processing fee.

Transaction Fee

Payment Processing

 We process payments with PayPal, Stripe and Adyen, our secure SSL-encrypted payments platform, and have security specialists and fraud detection systems to protect you and your buyers 24/7.

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