Become an Affiliate

Spread the knowledge and earn excellent commissions

Excellent sales commissions

For each sale you make, you will receive a commission which can be up to 80% of the total value of the product.

Possibility of scalable business

With a low initial investment, you can grow a lucrative business without leaving your home and with unlimited sales.

Start making business right away

You do not need to have a product to start your digital business. Register for free and start affiliating to the best products in the market.

Learn why you sell more with UGABS

Largest selection of African products

UGABS has over 70 thousand registered products, from the most diverse niches. It will be extremely easy to find the perfect product for your audience.

The highest commissions in the market

Some of UGABS’ products reach up to 80% of its value converted into commissions. When you participate in the advertising of these products, you can earn a higher commission than the producer himself.

You make sales to the whole world

UGABS enables you to sell in any country in the world, regardless of the currency. Create advertising campaigns and earn commissions on your international sales in US dollars.

Make special offers to guarantee your sales

You can easily set a bonus to all clients who purchase from your promotion. E-books, infographics, interviews… you are the one who chooses what you wish to deliver in order to stand out among the other affiliates.

Your commissions are 100% guaranteed

UGABS has five integrated tracking systems, which guarantee that all sales commissions are assigned to you. Tools such as WC Vendor will also ensure that that the sales commissions performed through leads generated by you are passed on to you, even without cookies identification.

Earn from related sales

With the global affiliation when you offer a product to a client and this client decides to purchase a different product from the same producer, the system understands that you are also responsible for that sale, and will automatically assign the commission to your account. And if the person that you recommended continues to buy, you will always receive the commissions.

Materials that are ready for you to promote

When using the Advertising media offered by the producer, you do not need to worry about creating graphic works, concept nor sales pitches for your campaigns, saving time that you can spend in different activities.

Convert more with segmented campaigns

With the Alternative pages you are the one who chooses which contents supplied by the Producer you will use in your adverts, which gives you more flexibility and enables you to target your promotion according to your audience.

Your strategies are always optimized

With the real-time reports, you always have information available to measure the performance of your advertising campaigns and adjust them to obtain better and better results.

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