Our Suppliers

we value partnerships

At UGABS, we focus on every step of our supply chain. From manufacturers to our warehouses, Our supply chain teams and manufacturer work tirelessly to ensure this process is as environmentally friendly, sustainable, and of UGABS’ standard as possible.

Our relationships with our suppliers are closely connected with the great shopping experience we create for our buyers. By building strong partnerships with suppliers for both retail and non-retail needs, our buyers and suppliers can feel good about doing business with us. And most importantly, we can offer you incredible values each time you shop here.

Become a Vendor or UGABS Supplier

Interested in selling your products at our stores or at UGABS.com? We hold ourselves and our vendors to the highest standards. Please review the following and ensure you can commit to:

  • UGABS’ Rules of Use
  • UGABS’ responsible sourcing programs: Social Compliance, Product Safety & Quality Assurance Sustainability, and our Standards of Vendor Engagement
  • Use of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) with our Accounts Payable team, required for domestic-based vendors
  • Ability to use EDI to receive purchase orders
  • Providing certificate of insurance
  • Eligibility considerations for drop shipping

Getting Started

You’ll need to first connect with one of our merchandising or sourcing team members or provide product information by email suppliers@ugabs.com. (Read more about the platform below.)

If your product is selected, you’ll get an email invitation from a UGABS team member to set up an account on our Partners Online portal. Once set up, your company information will be validated through UGABS’ approval and on-boarding process. You’ll also need to provide us with a list of the brands you own or license from the trademark owner.

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