Africa’s One Stop Shop


UGABS.com is a technology, e-commerce and retail company that provides a platform for consumer-to-consumer, business-to-business and business-to-consumer to sale products and services through the UGABS website. The web portals are design to help start-up companies position themselves to become market leaders in offering online merchants and consumers with valuable African products/services. UGABS offers a solution to Africans in the diaspora and other cultures who do not have access to African products and merchandizes from their home country. It also offers a solution to local African entrepreneurs who are looking to bring their products to the global market. The company utilizes a consolidation approach in bringing all African products that allows online consumers to instantly have access while offering consumers a convenient, centralized online location to make purchases. The African market is diverse yet unreachable due to poor infrastructure that makes it almost impossible for African made products to enter the global markets and be recognized.


What you will benefit from UGABS

  1. Global distribution – Our unique Internet viewing experience will provide our Vendors with a cost effective and efficient method of marketing their products and services to a global audience.
  2. Be the first to sell on the first global inclusive African e-commerce platform that captures and promotes the beauty of African cultures, made in Africa products and entrepreneurial services provided by and for African and other cultures into the global market.
  3. At a low marginal rate of 3.5% for each item or service sold on the UGABS web platform, we make it possible to keep your items affordable and banking most of the income you generate through UGABS.com.
  4. Besides our low transaction fee of 3.5%, there is no listing fee. Sites like Etsy, Amazon, and eBay charge a listing fee of 15 cents and above for every item you list on their website.
  5. Finding an African store that carries everything you are looking for is very challenging. UGABS will serve the needs of all Africans in the diaspora thus driving traffic to the website.
  6. With an in-home professional sales team, UGABS will aggressively advertise/promote your products to realize maximum number of audience and purchases. Your products, items and services will be featured on UGABS TV, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and other social and media platforms.

Become a Vendor

If you are a new vendor, returning vendor or thinking about joining us, please review the following information. Since each of us, at some point, has been a first time vendor, we all know how intimidating it may seem. Just remember that apart from serving a useful purpose in our community, we are all here to enjoy each other’s company as well as that of our many customers. So smile, relax and enjoy the experience.

Fee Structure

  • Annual fee for vendors – $0.00
  • Daily fee – $ 0.00
  • Products listing – $0.00
  • Performers – free
  • Non-profit/community groups – Contact UGABS for more information
  • Advertising with us – Contact UGABS for more information
  • Commission fee per transaction – 3.5%
  • Local Business table (promotion only, no sales) – $15.00
  • Standard payment processing fee – 2.70 to 3% plus $0.25 per Transaction

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